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Being injured in an accident – whether it’s a car accident, motorcycle accident, construction site injury or as a result of medical malpractice – can be a painful, life-changing event.  Being injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault requires an experienced personal injury lawyer to guide you through the legal process that stands between you and compensation.

Insurance companies, quite possibly even your own insurance company, are unconcerned with how an accident affects you, and simply want to resolve your claim as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Therefore, it makes sense to engage an attorney whose only concern is your best interest.  At the Law Offices of Steven T. Snow, a Cape Cod law firm specializing in personal injury and wrongful death, you’ll find the resourceful advocate you need to ensure your best possible outcome.

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Auto Accident

Head-on Car Collision

Courtroom Experience Matters

Prior to starting his own practice, Attorney Snow worked for a Boston law firm that represented insurance companies and their insureds.  This experience provides him with an understanding of how insurance companies value personal injury claims and how they prepare for trial.  Attorney Snow uses this insight to implement strategies and tactics available to force insurance companies to pay you the maximum amount.

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Personal Injury

Being injured, whether it's in a car crash, motorcycle accident or on a construction site is frightening. Protect yourself and achieve the best possible results by working with an attorney

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There are seven factors that determine whether you have a case, how much

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Wrongful Death

If you’ve lost someone because of the negligent or reckless conduct of another person or entity, please allow us to help you hold that party accountable for their actions.

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Recent Verdicts & Settlements

Botched hysterectomy $2,300,000
Car & motorcycle crash $920,000
Injured motorcycle driver $740,000
Wrongful death of autistic man $387,500
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome $210,000

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Comprehensive Experience & Extensive Knowledge:

Attorney Snow focuses on helping those most in need of aggressive legal representation – victims of negligence. With more than 25 years of trial experience, Attorney Steven T. Snow has successfully represented victims of nearly every type of accident imaginable. Whether you need a motorcycle accident or car accident lawyer because you’ve been injured in a car crash or hit and run caused by someone who was texting and driving or who has been charged with DUI, Attorney Snow has the skill and resources to secure not just a settlement but the maximum compensation.  If you’re suffering from whiplash, or are experiencing back pain or neck pain caused by a herniated or angulated disc, we understand that you’re in pain and will work with you to achieve your best possible result.

Medical Malpractice

We also understand that having a medical procedure can be unsettling.  Experiencing problems following a medical procedure can be downright terrifying.  If you suspect you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice, please contact us.  Attorney Snow’s unique experience in medical malpractice litigation generally involves improper surgical technique and/or poor clinical judgement. Related to spinal cord surgery – the type often performed to address sciatica, spinal stenosis, herniated or angulated discs and lower back pain – operations performed to address a disease, and those affecting reproductive concerns such as hysterectomy or tubal ligation.

Recent result: $2,300,000 awarded for botched hysterectomy surgery. Read more »

Comprehensive experience paired with extensive knowledge of medical terminology and professional relationships with the region’s top medical experts allow Attorney Snow to attain incomparable results for his clients.

Tori H.

"I have a rare nerve disorder called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This was formerly called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). I’ve been undergoing treatment for many years, and as documented by my doctor I had been doing the best I’ve ever done. Unfortunately, in December I was victim to a bad car accident that reversed my treatment progress. The insurance company sought to prove this was a pre-existing condition and unrelated to the accident. I hired Attorney Snow because -unlike most- he was familiar with my complex condition. I soon found out it was the best decision possible because he is meticulous, thorough and able to withstand any and all obstacles. He worked closely with my doctor, he didn’t waste a second of time and his primary concern was my treatment and recovery, even when I needed surgery to have machines implanted in me. He proved the accident was directly responsible for exacerbating my condition. It may not take the pain away but I can now continue treatment because I received a settlement far beyond my wildest expectations."

"Attorney Snow and his staff are simply amazing!"


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